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Love Knots


This year, if you have nothing better to do, why don’t you head to northern Italy and taste the delicious tortellini of the region. These pasta dumplings garnished with a butter and sage sauce are known as ‘love knots’ in memory of a love tryst beside the Mincio river in ancient times.

Every summer, in June, the ‘Love knots Festival’ is the happening at Borghetto sul Mincio in the Veneto Plain as thousands of aficionados swarm through the village to enjoy its world famous tortellini!

Cheese Strings

We are also approaching the time of year when cheese pulling contests are popular among those who would chance their luck at this old tradition, so if you want to join them head over to northern Slovakia.

Cheese pulling, as every woman in Zázrivá will tell you, is an art that has been passed from mother to daughter for hundreds of years.

Nothing is more traditional than making curds from milk, but the idea that the curds can then be pulled by hand into long strings is nothing short of genius. The method was simple and effective, and remains so.

The strings were allowed to fall into a basin of cold water. They were then transferred onto a wooden rack in an airy room and left overnight. The following day they were cut up, braided and placed into a jelly made from boiled water and salt.

Zázrivské Vojky (Zázrivské Strings) are a genuine delicacy, steamed cheese strings that melt in the mouth.

Green Corn

We are excited by the news that the unripe grains of Bauländer spelt, which are sold as Fränkischer Grünkern (Franconian green corn), have been awarded geographical indicator status.

Amazingly popular in southern Germany, where a green corn festival has been held every year in Kupprichhausen since 1978, these spelt grains are used in countless recipes.

Hopefully the good people of Baden-Württemberg will now begin to share their unique Franconian cuisine using spelt grains with the rest of Europe. When they do we will be among the first to share the recipes with you.