NEWS | Sustainable Food and Handicraft Festival

photo © Sebastien Staub

The first Sustainable Food and Handicraft Festivals will be launched in various locations throughout Europe later this year. Maam Cross in Connemara in the county of Galway, Ireland has been confirmed as one of the locations for a series of events in mid-September.

Organised by the Sustainable Security Systems Consortium in conjunction with Fricot Editions (the traditional foods imprint of Small World Publishing), each festival will celebrate indigenous handicrafts and traditional food cultures in the context of sustainable systems security.

The Connemara event is being hosted by the SSSC, Maam Cross Mart, Peacockes and FORUM Connemara, a  rural development partnership of voluntary, community and statutory bodies.

Each festival will celebrate the history of regional food and handicraft in the specific area and highlight the diverse craft and food culture of the country.

There will be cookery demonstrations and tastings, cookery classes for young and old in the traditional methods and techniques used for centuries to make iconic regional products, food quizzes to heighten awareness of indigenous produce and traditional food, workshops on marketing strategies, producer-consumer relationships and value-chain dynamics, and talks on the various aspect of sustainable food production and security. Cafes, diners and restaurants will host sittings of the traditional dishes. Bakeries will promote their traditional breads, cakes, confections and pastries. Farmers, fishers, growers and traditional food artisans will sell their produce and products. A food tour will introduce specific produce and associated traditional dishes.

In Connemara that will include the hill lambs that graze sloping pastures, the mussels from the estuaries and loughs, and lobsters from Galway Bay.

The constant themes at the different locations will focus on the unique indigenous methods of production in the context of People Place and Produce – the SSSC promotional device for highlighting sustainable food production. Multimedia will allow those with a keen interest to take away material as stories about indigenous foods and recipes of the traditional foods.

The overall theme will be Sustainable Security.

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