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Fricot Indigenous advocates rural & semi-rural community sustainable food hubs centred on indigenous produce, bio horticulture, climate neutral farming, food basics, artisanal food production and interface, local food marketplaces, sustainable food system education, traditional cookery schools, total material and waste recycling and technological devices for interactive communication, data collection and monetisation.

Fricot Indigenous is an integrated sustainable food security system with a virtual interface for the implementation of the various elements and include blockchain technology to monetise the field-to-fork elements and programme the educational elements.

Fricot Indigenous will promote all localised food production including artisanal (value-added) food production.

The first Fricot Local! prototype hubs will be created tentatively in 2022. Locations in Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Nigeria, Sudan, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK are being considered.


These locations were chosen many years ago because it was possible in the 1990s and the 2000s to see the impact of climate change, with droughts, floods, storms and temperature flucuations causing crop loss and infrastructual damage. This has allowed us to experiment with sustainable food systems based on soil as a means for horticultural growers and market gardeners to increase their range of produce, to include herbs, leaf and root vegetables and legumes, and for farmers to turn some of their land over to cash crops, especially in Ireland.

Farmers across the world are keen to sell their indigenous produce at local markets, in particular markets that are integrated into multi-purpose food hubs, where the food market reality is now reflected in the variable range of indigenous raw produce and artisanal products that are local.

Across the world the potential is there for diverse food production, and in some regions this kind of activity has already begun, with the advent of ethnobotany and the return to local food production designed for local markets.

  • indigenous food produce
  • local food produce
  • local agri-food produce
  • local artisanal food products
  • plant lore / ethnobotany / wild plant use and database
  • integrated community agriculture
  • traditional dishes
  • recipes based on local produce
  • local food production / sustainable food hub
  • bio horticulture / market gardening / market gardening club
  • community supported agriculture / box schemes
  • farm kiosks
  • herb farms
  • legume and vegetable farms
  • bio soil production areas
  • soil regeneration areas
  • forest and wilderness areas
  • woodland gardening / 7-storey gardening
  • compost creation areas
  • climate neutral farming with pollinator protection systems
  • climate neutral education (affiliated to local college / university)
  • climate neutral food production and consumption
  • sustainable food education (local college / university)
  • sustainable food security education (local college / university)
  • market gardening and small-scale food production history (local college / university)
  • bakery
  • bread baking club / home baking
  • cheese club / cheese-making
  • bistros / cafes / experimental kitchens
  • traditional cookery school (local college / university)
  • indigenous produce apps (with blockchain technology for commercial, educational, informational and supply chain interactivity)
  • artisanal products apps (with blockchain technology for commercial, educational, informational and supply chain interactivity)
  • Farm Land for Bio Horticulture Educational Centre
  • Farm Buildings 
  • Barns for Bio Soil Production
  • Marketplace Space Indoor and Outdoor
  • Buildings for Bakery-Bistro including Food Production Area, initially in two locations
  • Land for Wilderness Areas
  • Land and Space for 7-Storey Bio Horticulture
  • Land for Farmers and Growers
  • Land and Space for Market Gardening
  • Farmers / Farmyard Owners
  • Pub Owners
  • Shop Owners
  • Land Owners
  • Large Polytunnel Owners
  • Buildings Owners
  • Animal Breeders
  • Global Investors
  • Local Investors
  • Funders
  • Horticulture Growers / Market Gardeners
  • Development Agencies
  • Central and Local Government
  • 1 Logistics Manager 
  • 1 Educator (specialist in sustainable food security, sustainable food systems, traditional foods, energy, waste and climate neutral activity, soil science)
  • 1 Biodynamic Farming / Growing Teacher
  • 1 Content Creator
  • 1 Ethnobotanist
  • 2 Trainee Bakers
  • 2 Trainee Chefs
  • 2 Trainee Bio Soil Producers
  • 2 Trainee Bio / Organic Growers
  • 4 Bistro Workers
  • Casual and Part-Time Workers
  • Volunteers

A book is being produced to explain the various elements of Fricot Indigenous.
Drafts in reading section below

  • Climate Neutral Activity
  • Biological Diversity Activity
  • Ecosystem Stability
  • Bio Soil (Home Soil) Production
  • 7-Storey Horticulture
  • Bio Horticulture Fruit Growing
  • Bio Horticulture Herb Growing
  • Bio Horticulture Legume Growing
  • Bio Horticulture Vegetable Growing
  • Market Gardening / Small-Scale Horticulture
  • Grain Production (Spelt)
  • Seed Production
  • Egg (Duck and Hen) Production
  • Lake Fish Farm / Lake Fish
  • Community Food Box Club
  • Community Polytunnel Club
  • Game Production
  • Bakery Goods Production
  • Snack Foods Production including Sandwich Goods Production
  • Ready-To-Cook Meals Production
  • Ready-To-Eat Meals Production
  • Condiment Making
  • Dried Herb Activity
  • Dried Fish Activity
  • Dried Fruit Activity
  • Dried Legume Activity
  • Cheese Making
  • Jam Making
  • Jelly Making
  • Stock Making
  • Sauce Making
  • Honey Production
  • Food Box Fresh Collection and Delivery
  • Food Box Cooked Collection and Delivery
  • Wilderness Area Creation
  • Wild Food Collection
  • Traditional Cookery School (second year)
  • Local Foods School (second year)
  • Indigenous Food Produce
  • Local Artisanal Food Products
  • Recipes Based on Local Produce
  • Traditional Dishes / Meals including Home Delivery
  • Indigenous Wheat (Spelt) Bakery
  • Indigenous Produce Bistro
  • Sustainable Food Education
  • Local Food Production Interface / Marketplace (Indoor and Outdoor) for sale of Local Food Produce and locally made Artisanal Food Products (Home and Factory)
  • Sustainable Food Hub
  • Traditional Food / Sustainable Food Systems / Sustainable Food Security School (second year)
  • Traditional Cookery School (second year)
  • Indigenous Produce Show Farm (second year)
  • Indigenous Produce app (blockchain for commercial, educational, informational and supply chain interactivity — second or third year) 
  • Virtual interface for the implementation of localised sustainable food security systems via interactive network (second or third year)
  • Bio-Plastic Plant (third year)
  • Fricot Local! Food Book Club

  • Bio Cow Manure Process
  • Bio Soil Production Process
  • Bio Soil Cost and Price
  • Bio Soil Containers for Growing
  • Cloches (Re-Use of Plastic Bottles)
  • Bakery-Bistro Menu
  • Fricot Local! Membership for Insurance and Legal
  • Fricot Local! Traditional Recipes / Cook Book
  • Indigenous Produce — Alternative Meat Sources
  • Indigenous Produce — Eggs
  • Indigenous Produce — Fruits List
  • Indigenous Produce — Herbs List
  • Indigenous Produce — Legumes List
  • Indigenous Produce — Vegetables List
  • Indigenous Produce — Wheat (Spelt)
  • Indigenous Produce — Wild
  • Artisanal Products List
  • Growers Membership Scheme
  • Marketplace Logistics 
  • Marketplace Membership (home and street)
  • Draft (RIPPLE) Document


f = farm + fa = factory + h = horticulture + p = polytunnel + w = wild

  • Angelica f, h
  • Apple f
  • Barley f
  • Bay h
  • Beans (broad, haricot (aka French), common, runner + Mediterranean fava) f, h, p
  • Beetroot f, h
  • Bell Pepper p
  • Blackberry f
  • Blueberry f
  • Borage f, h
  • Broccoli h, p
  • Butter fa
  • Cabbages (green-Chinese, green-spring, green-summer, green-winter, red, white) f, h, p
  • Carrot h
  • Cauliflower h, p
  • Celeriac f, h
  • Celery h
  • Chard f, h
  • Cheese fa
  • Chicken f, fa
  • Chicory / Witloof p
  • Chive h, p
  • Courgette h, p
  • Cucumber p
  • Currants (black, red, white) f
  • Damson f, h
  • Dill f, h
  • Egg f
  • Endive p
  • Fennel h
  • Fenugreek h, p
  • Garlic h, p
  • Game w
  • Gooseberry f, h
  • Horseradish f, h
  • Kale f, h
  • Lamb f
  • Leek f, h
  • Legumes (mangetout, pea) h
  • Lemon Balm f, h
  • Lovage h
  • Marjoram h
  • Milk fa
  • Mint (apple, black, green aka spearmint, pepper) f
  • Mushroom p
  • Mustard h, p
  • Onion f, h, p
  • Parsley h
  • Parsnip f, h
  • Pea f, h
  • Pork f
  • Potato f, h
  • Radish h
  • Raspberry f, h
  • Rhubarb f
  • Rosemary h
  • Rowan f
  • Sage h
  • Scallion / Spring Onion f, h, p
  • Shallot h, p
  • Spelt Wheat f
  • Spinach h
  • Squash p
  • Tarragon h, p
  • Thyme h
  • Tomatoes (cherry, common, plum) p
  • Trout (farm, river)
  • Turnip f, h
  • Valeriana (Cornsalad / Lamb’s Lettuce)
  • Wild
(based on local seasonal produce)


Baked Potatoes with choice of filling
Barley Soup with vegetables, vegan (v)
Barley Soup with sausages
Beans and Bacon with Chard
Bean Soup with vegetables, v
Bean Soup with sausages
Beetroot, Herb and Vegetable Stew, v
Cheese and Bacon Pie
Cheese and Chard Pie
Cheese and Potato Pie
Cheese and Potato Omelette
Cheese and Spinach Pie, large and small
Chicken Stew
Dressed Salad with choice of leaves, from fengreek, lettuce, rocket, valeriana (cornsalad) leaves, v
Fried Egg-Coated Courgette Slices
Game Terrine Slice
Homemade / Handmade Pasta with Broccoli Sauce
Kale and Potatoes, Colcannon, dairy and vegan versions
Kale, Potatoes and Smoked Sausages
Liver in Onion Sauce
Loaf Bread Sandwich or Small Bread Sandwich with cheese and choice of condiment
Loaf Bread Sandwich or Small Bread Sandwich with ham and choice of condiment
Loaf Bread Sandwich or Small Bread Sandwich with ham and cheese and choice of condiment
Meat and Potato Pie
Meat Rolls
Pies including Game Pies, Meat and Potato Pies, Pork Pies
Pork and Vegetable Stew
Potato Soup with herb and vegetable stock, v
Potato Stew with sausages
Potato Stew with lamb
Sandwiches, cold and hot
Sausage Stew with vegetables
Savoury Pancake
Sweet Pancake
Skewered Marinated Lamb
Skewered Marinated Pork
Small Breads
Smoked Pork Collar with Broad Bean Sauce
Toasted Cheese and Ham Loaf Bread Sandwich
Vegetable Soup, v
Venison Fillet

  • Funders (letter below)
  • Investors
  • Partners
  • Food Hub Co-operative Membership Fees for Insurance and Legal


Email for updates on the first Fricot Local! prototype.


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