Traditional Tastes of Europe – Volume 1 of 3

Breads (Brötchen)

A wind of change, like the Provençal mistral, is sweeping through European cookery. For the first time in 500 years the food culture of the peripheries – local ingredients and traditional methods – is becoming relevant again. With its emphasis on fresh produce – fish and fowl, vegetables, legumes, oil, salads, herbs, seeds, nuts, roots, grains, berries and fruit and wild plants, on dried and cured meats, on fermented foods, on ancient methods of bread making, on old style confectionary and pastry making, traditional food has become the new event – because it is authentic and sustainable. This book is about the importance of authentic ingredients and those curious
similarities when foods connect, and not
always because there is a climatic,
geographical or historical reason. Sometimes people come to the same conclusions about the indigenous food that is available to them.

From bürli to weggli the small breads revolution in Switzerland is being renacted around Europe by the reinvention of the handmade small bread. In this FRICOT pocket book we offer a selection of 60 recipes. These include bread rolls made with apple juice, with apricot, with butter, with cheese, cinnamon, with courgette, with herbs, with honey, with milk, with nuts, with olive oil, with onion, with potato, with pumpkin, with walnut, small breads of various shapes and sizes, using the range of soft and strong wheat flour, spelt flour and the flour of the ancients – einkorn, employing all the bread-making techniques and traditions.

This is the start of a long journey through the expanse of the Alps on short trains built for their endurance and strength. Into lands where the dialects change with the landscape and the cultures and traditions are etched into daily rites of passage. On the faces of the people, with their colourful clothes, their irresistible homes and solid buildings, with cuisine that is as diverse as the products of the landscape, listening to those rustic dialects, warming to their
genuine hospitality, people who know
mountain and valley life. Here there is beauty and diversity, nature unfolding through large windows in full colour. This is what makes this journey a fabulous adventure.

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