NEWS | Being Sicilian

Half-Head Sicilia

The Piazzetta Sicilia at the World Fair in Milan, performer Giovanna Colomba evokes the colours and smells of Sicily, where memory is the future and ‘being Sicilian’ is the ultimate in artistic and culinary expression. Giovanna Colomba’s ‘half-head’ images present the beginnings of a colourful journey into the culture and history of an island that has been shaped by the cuisine of two continents and the culinary sensibilities of countless invaders.

This is da perdere la testa: quando cibo e arte si incontrano (be off your head: when food and art meet), a project conjured into existence by Al Plurale, a collective in Trapani in western Sicily and by the tourist consortium in Siracusa in eastern Sicily for exposure at Expo 2015 and elsewhere.

They describe the project as a framework of flavours, a description that could not be more apt for 21st century Europe, where culinary identities are being reshaped to reflect new realities. These realities are the interaction between people and place – the fields and forests, the seas, rivers and lakes, the mountain pastures, the settled estuaries, theHalf-HeadSiciliaPlates plains and steppes, the allotments, plots, rooftop gardens, terraces – and all the produce they grow, fish, cook, bake and manufacture daily. We have given it a theme – People Place Produce – and we call our work the Fricot Project!