Panoramic view of Interlaken in Switzerland

FRICOT EUROPE is produced by Small World Publishing and Seanchai Media, Irish media companies registered in Dublin with affiliates in England, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine as part of the Fricot Project under the publishing imprint Fricot Editions and the media outlet Fricot Live.

The Fricot Project is supported by artisans, bakers, chefs, cooks and producers in the traditional food industry, and by academics, artists, authors, editors, journalists, photographers and writers from diverse backgrounds. The focal point of the Fricot Project is the Tastes of Europe Tour.

Fricot Editions and Fricot Live are producing a series of media elements (broadcast, print and web) as supporting acts to the Tastes of Europe Tour, events that include food fairs and festivals, food stories, food workshops, cookery classes, demonstrations, quizzes and tastings, market place produce, all themed under indigenous produce and traditional recipes.

FRICOT EUROPE will provide a web portal into this world, with features and stories on indigenous produce and the traditional dishes of Europe’s 52 nations and countless regions.

Eventually each country will have its own page, with links to stories and recipes on its indigenous food culture.

In the side menu on each page there are links to the produce and products, recipes, places, reviews and stories featured in FRICOT EUROPE.

Most of the editorial material in the magazine is abridged and adapted from research material destined for publication in our books. Some exclusive material is licensed to other media – online and print.

FRICOT EUROPE is recruiting food domestics, food researchers, food specialists and food writers, and continuing to establish Fricot Project bases throughout continental Europe. Go to Working with Fricot Editions for more information.