The quest to find the origins of Europe’s favourite ingredients, the recipes that have evolved through generations, the traditional foods that have remained popular, their
re-emergence in the kitchens of imaginary bakers and visionary chefs … the start of a new food revolution.

This is the interaction between people and place – the fields and forests, the seas, rivers and lakes, the mountain pastures, the settled estuaries, the plains and steppes, the allotments, plots, rooftop gardens, terraces.

Told largely as travel narratives, the stories come from people with a passion for food, and their willingness to share it with strangers.

The Fricot Project includes lead books, pocket books, regional books, webcasts, podcasts, a photographic diary and a web magazine.

These will be produced and published by FRICOT EDITIONS on behalf of Seanchai Media and Small World Publishing, Irish media companies registered in Dublin, Ireland with offices pending in Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and Turkey.

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JULY – 2019

TOE-Cover 1-lowres


From the Atlantic Fringe to the Black Sea Basin. 60 Ingredients  | 60 Regions  | 360 Recipes. The essence of Europe’s traditional foods, with indigenous ingredients and popular dishes.


The traditional fish dishes of Europe, 125 recipes. Cover, print edition: lobster fisher Michael O’Connell at Ballyvaughan, Ireland.


Andrea&Markus-lowresPOCKET — Culinary Adventures on the Orient Express – ANNE ADDICOTT ROBERT ALLEN
 (Ice Travel series, volume 1) Stamboul Trains, Ski Resorts, Long Tunnels, Magic Carpets, Ancient Hunters, Baby Dragons and Culinary Comforts in White Europe – Istanbul and Paris the long way round in Winter.

Paolo selling mountain cheeses from the Italian pennines at Verona market

Travel narrative with iconic recipes and stories about food in the alpine regions of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland plus Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. 12 countries | 55 locations | 125 recipes. Cover, print edition: hoteliers Andrea and Markus Sprenger of the Golf Hotel-Les Hauts de Gstaad in Saanenmöser, Switzerland.

POCKET — Tastes of Turkey – BANU ÖZDEN

The richness of Turkish cuisine is determined by several factors: the variety of products offered by the lands of Anatolia; interaction with numerous different cultures over a long historical process; and the tastes developed in the palace kitchens of the Seljuk and Ottoman empires. These have all played a part in shaping the character of Turkish culinary culture.

The many-faceted nature of Turkish cuisine, while rich in variety and taste-bud friendly, also contains examples which provide a source for healthy and balanced diets and vegetarian cuisines.

This is a compilation of recipes that represent the cuisines of Turkey as a whole. The recipes chosen represent dishes of every region as well as the classical Turkish cuisine and Ottoman cuisine.

50 iconic ingredients, 225 recipes, a glimpse at Turkey’s traditional foods, with primary produce and popular recipes.



The story of the meatball with 90 recipes … from the Etruscans to the Enlightened … including recipes for other shapes, in graphic format.


POCKET — Around the World in 80 Legendary Dishes – ROBERT ALLEN


(coiled apple pastry)

Bratwürst mit Zwiebelsauce 
(sausage and onion sauce)

Judd mat Gaardebounen 
(smoked pork collar with broad bean sauce)

Kalamarákia Yemistá 
(squid stuffed with rice)

Spaghetti con Colatura di Alici 
(long pasta with fish sauce)

Syka Xerá me Karydia 
(dried figs stuffed with walnuts)

(Transylvanian paprika stew)


The Vogadori winery in Negrar specialises in Amarone and Valpolicella wines

POCKET — The Fabulous Food of the Po Valley …

… featuring the indigenous ingredients and traditional recipes of Valle d’Aosta, Piemonte, Lombardia and Veneto – told as a travel narrative from west to east and east to west visiting cafes, osteria, restaurants and taverns, fairs, festivals and markets, specialist food shops, talking to bakers, chefs and cooks, farmers, fishers and artisanal producers, collecting food stories and traditional recipes. With an AZ of everything that is indigenous, typical and traditional in the valley’s food culture.

With 100+ recipes.


Apfelmost-Brotchen-Cut-OutPOCKET — Tastes of Switzerland – ANNE ADDICOTT ROBERT ALLEN

100 stories, 225 recipes.

andrewworkmanspeltfieldPOCKET — Food Artisans

Eight artisans, eight countries, eight stories. Fantastic ingredients, fabulous recipes, fundamental food. With 50 recipes.

vaudsausages-toePOCKET — Abundance: Food Travels in Old Savoy 

A short travel narrative with iconic recipes and stories about traditional food in Haute Savoy, Savoy in France, Piemonte in Italy and Valais and Vaud in Switzerland, 100 stories, 125 recipes.

vaduzPOCKET — Blue Window: Food Travels in Alps

100 stories, 125 recipes.


Traditional fast foods in the bowels of Antwerp railway station


… including Antwerp, Basel, Bologna, Brescia, Branitsa, Budapest, Copenhagen, Fribourg, Gaziantep, Geneva, Hamburg, Istanbul, Palermo, Reykjavik, Riga, Rotterdam, Saint Petersburg, Vaduz, Verona, Vevey and Vienna … among others.

75 cities, 75 stories, 150 recipes.

A dried sausage typical of butchers in Switzerland

POCKET — Cooked Cured and Curdled | The Story of Traditional Food in Europe – ROBERT ALLEN

No longer trapped in provincial aspic, Europe’s foods have become multicultural.

Spelt berries from the Workman farm in Louth, Ireland

REPORT — People Place Produce: Sustainable Food Security for the 21st Century – ROBERT ALLEN

A combined bio-economic and socio-economic study of the changes in local production in modern Europe in the context of climate change and sustainable security.



50 mountain and valley cheeses with producer stories, recipes and cheese descriptions. Cover: Alpine Cow Boys.

LARGE — The Great European Food Adventure

Food festival and food market fun. Every ingredient is local, seasonal and fresh!










POCKET — The Bread with Holes and other Crusty Stories: The Rise of European Artisanal Baking ROBERT ALLEN

European bread making is going through yet another renaissance. This time it is looking back to go forward. Again! With 75 bread stories.

SlovenianGingerbread-lowresPOCKET — Tastes of Slovenia

100 stories, 225 recipes.

POCKET — Sun, Sea and Sand: Food Travels in Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Cyprus and Crete

A travel narrative with 100 iconic recipes and 50 stories about traditional food on the islands of the Mediterranean.

POCKET — Street Markets of Europe

100 stories, 100 recipes.

POCKET — Euro Snacks

A travel narrative with the inside story on the cafes, restaurants and shops in and near railway stations and onboard buffets throughout Europe.

POCKET — Cauldron: Fish Chowders, Soups and Stews of the Adriatic, Aegean, Atlantic, Baltic, Black, Celtic, Mediterranean, North and Tyrrhenian Seas

The story of the cauldron and the fish that go in it, with 50 recipes.

LARGE — Foods of the Mediterranean 

1000 recipes.

LARGE — Fricot A-Z of Traditional European Food

Summaries of thousands of traditional recipes plus entries on thousands of indigenous ingredients.


Our Big European Food Adventure will be a travel narrative with talking heads and cookery demonstrations, produce shots and information bubbles and strips, featuring bakers, confectioners and patissiers, chefs and cooks, farmers and fishers, growers and producers, artisans and manufacturers, café and restaurant proprietors, trainers and critics, sellers, historians and organisers, suppliers and distributors.

The focus will be on the origins and reasons for the continuing popularity of traditional foods, on fresh, local and largely seasonal ingredients and produce – the realisation that flavour means everything to the success of a dish.

Traditional food is reemerging now that Europe’s borders are disintegrating and many countries are using their national dishes to attract tourists and travellers.

Confirmed Locations – People, Place, Produce

Brig: Breakfast in Brig at Hotel Ambassador, owner Stefan Welschen talking about Alpine valley food culture

Venice: The lagoon, early morning food delivery, and fish market under the Rialto bridge – bluefish, calamaretti (baby squid), crab, eel, mullet, octopus, scallops, sole and stockfish (aka cod). Demo of dried pieces of cod whipped with olive oil and garlic into a frothy foam to make Baccalà Mantecato, creamed cod

Venice: ‘Non Più di Cinque’ (‘no more than five’ ingredients, Venetians keep their food simple)

Adria: Arnaldo Cavallari, miller and baker, inventor of the Ciabatta, talking about natural bread

Adria: The Ciabatta Identity (who owns the ciabatta?)

Florence: Giuseppe Alessi at La Pentola dell’Oro making Peposa alla Fornacina, the ancient recipe for flavouring meat with strong sauces

Brussels: Melting Moments – the secret of Belgian chocolate

Leiden: A Spanish Tale (Hutspot/Stoemp – mashed vegetables, meat and sausages)

Amsterdam: Spice Figures

Rotterdam: Port of Call (fusion food). Multicultural traditional food, Alice Fortes talking about the impact of the global on the local

Brig: Cordon Bleu (escalope of veal filled with ham and cheese, Switzerland’s favourite dish)

Isola della Scala: The Biggest Rice Fair in the World

Forlimpopoli: Festival Artusiana (celebrating Pellegrino Artusi, author of Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, the cookbook that revolutionised Italian home cooking)

Florence: The Company of the Cauldron (where haute cuisine began in the 1600s). The fountain of the courtyard and garden of Palazzo Médici, shot of the bronze Mercury made by Giovan Francesco Rustici, who in 1512 founded the cooking academy, Compagnia del Paiolo (Company of the Cauldron) to celebrate l’arte si fa a cena (art becomes diner), with his friends, gastronome Andrea del Sarto, artist Leonardo de Vinci and future Pope Cardinal Giulio de Médici

Europe: Balls and Other Shapes – Meatballs since the Flood

Berlin: Back in the Good Old GDR Days (the love affair with film noir food)

Podpolanie: Bryndza and the Wallachians

Riga: The Food Capital of Northern Europe

Ireland: Chowder Champions (the best fish soup in Europe)

Germany-Ireland-Switzerland: The Spelt Story

Naples: San Marzano Tomatoes

Lough Neagh: Slippery Stories – Eels

St Gallen: Olma Festival

Copenhagen: Shooting Stars (Denmark’s open sandwiches, which is the best?)

Reykjavík: Surf and Turf (fish and lamb – not what you imagine)


Locations of artisan producers (interactive and print)

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