Tastes of Europe – Leverpostej

The secret ingredient in leverpostej, the Danish liver pâté, is anchovy. Eaten daily by the majority of Danes, usually as leverpostejmad – the open faced liver paste sandwich, there are countless variations.

A Frenchman called Beauvais, who set up a charcuterie in a Copenhagen street basement in the early 19th century, minced fatty pork belly, pork liver, onions and seasonings to produce an expensive liver pâté that was adored by the bourgeoisie.

A generation later every pork butcher in Denmark produced and sold leverpostej. A tradition born.

500 g pork liver, chopped 
480 ml milk 
375 g fatty belly pork, chopped 
125 g onion, chopped 
2 eggs, beaten 
50 g anchovies 
30 g butter 
30 g white spelt / white wheat flour 
25 g pork fat 
15 g salt 
10 g black pepper, crushed 
Allspice, ground, pinch 
Cloves, ground, pinch 
Water, for bain-marie

Preheat oven to 180°C. Put pork belly and pork liver with the anchovies and onions through a meat grinder three times. Melt butter, add flour, then milk, cook gently for five minutes, leave to cool. Beat eggs and spices into the roux. Fold into meat mixture to form a thick batter. Liberally grease a loaf tin with the pork fat, pour in the batter. Place the tin in a deep baking tray, half fill the tray with boiling water and bake for 90 minutes, until the surface is golden-brown. For a smooth paste, blend the liver and onions, then the belly, add to the batter. For a spicy paste, mince or blend 25 g of black peppercorns with the meat.