England 5

High Fives


To the naive tourist and the romantic patriot, traditional English food is:

apple crumble and custard
black pudding
cottage pie
crumpet or muffin
fish and chips
hot pot
meat and vegetable pastie
pie and mash and parsley sauce
pork pie
roast beef
roast pork and crackling
sausage and mash
sausage rolls
steamed pudding
jelly and ice cream
etc ...

While the French and Italian influence is never far away, the major influence on traditional eating in England has been from Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Here are five dishes from 21st century ethnic England.


Chicken Tikka Masala
chicken in spicy yoghurt sauce

Masala Dosa
fried onion, potato and spice wrap

Rogan Josh
spicy almond and lamb curry

Sweet and Sour Chicken/Pork/Prawn

Thai Green Curry
chicken/pork/prawn, coconut milk, 
herbs, shrimp paste, spices